15th Day for Loki

"Why are you so cold?" he asks, softly, a little hurt, maybe, but not resentful. "I try to keep you warm, you shouldn’t be so cold."

I look up at my laptop’s screen, for whatever reason.

Song playing: The Warmth, by Incubus.

Album’s title: Make Yourself.

Somebody’s gently nudging me back to work.

13th Day for Loki

Tonight, I’m being true to my name, and being the Spider Hag - not so much hagged as I am spidered, though. I achieve that by spamming your dashes with spiders, with deep and sincere apologies to those of you who suffer from arachnophobia.

I learn so much from spiders just by watching them live, and they unknowingly answered many questions of mine. They taught me about wisdom, about will, about cunning, strength, trust and courage.

And, every day, I try to live by the Spiders’ rule.